Your own Domain name tells the world that your are serious about your mission

  • Enhance your image. Because a website is a visual representation of you, it is the perfect way to display the great things you are doing to help veterans.
  • Having your events, activities and photos on your website with a nice, clean layout creates a professional image for your organization
  • A web page is a great place to show the world what you care the most about. You can change pictures as often as you wish
  • A website is convenient asset for your existing members It will also help attract a newer and younger group.
  • A website address is easier to remember than a phone number
  • Online newsletters offer all organizations huge savings in printing costs, manpower, and, of course, postage.
  • An online calendar of events makes it easy for your members to know exactly what is on the schedule.
  • Everyone likes to see themselves enjoying activities with their friends, like the Halloween or Christmas party. Online photo albums are very popular.

AMVETS Riders group gathers to escort the Michigan Vietnam Moving Wall to where it will be displayed at a large event.

A current, updated website creates a 24 hours a day, seven days a week, place where anyone can go for up to date information about what is going on in your organization.
In the same way, NOT having a current web page makes you look dated and out of touch.

In addition to all of the great reasons found on this page to have your own domain name and website, you can also use it to promote local businesses and get revenue for doing so. AKA advertising!
Having your events, activities, and photos on your website with a nice clean layout creates a professional image for your organization

More and more organizations are using social media sites to help keep their members informed. We can integrate social media into your website.